IMISCOE has established a number of publication series, including books as well as the journal Comparative Migration Studies. In terms of book publications, IMISCOE has established a reputable IMISCOE Book Series with over 50 books over the past decade (how to propose a bookproposal). Most books  previously published can be found in the OAPEN library as well. All books are submitted to a rigorous peer-review procedure via the IMISCOE editorial committee.

Furthermore, with the IMISCOE Textbooks series, the network also provides a platform to publish educational books for use in the training of graduate-level students pursuing migration, integration and ethnic studies.

IMISCOE is also associated to the journal Comparative Migration Studies. CMS is an international double-blind peer reviewed journal that, like IMISCOE, focuses on comparative research from a variety of disciplines involved in the field of migration and ethnic studies. This includes contributions from political science, economics, law, sociology, anthropology, demography, social geography, history and other disciplines involved in the study of migration, migrant incorporation and ethnic relations. As of 2014, CMS is published by Springer. Like the IMISCOE RN, the journal CMS also supports Open Access publishing.

Over the past decade, IMISCOE has established itself as the leading supporter of OA publishing in the field of migration and ethnic studies. IMISCOE promotes the widest possible access to the research and publications of IMISCOE members as possible, to promote the dissemination of work and the opportunities for learning from each others research. With current developments in funding schemes like Horizon 2020, and the growing importance of citation indexes like Google Scholar, IMISCOE anticipates that OA publishing will become the standard in our field. The Journal CMS is an OA journal, and most of the books in the IMISCOE Book Series are available in OAPEN