Research Groups

Research Groups involve new research initiatives that focus on a very specific line of activity and a specific group of researchers geared to that.

  • Addressing Challenges in Policy-Driven Migration Research
  • Changing migration dynamics between the EU and the world
  • Contested Childhoods
  • Cross-border circular migration: patterns, directionalities, identities. The evidence from Central Europe
  • Discrimination in Cross-National Perspective
  • Diversity, Migration and Social Cohesion (Div/Mig/Soc)
  • Global Mobility and Familial and Intimate Relationships
  • Highly skilled migration in the European labour market: Brain waste or brain gain?
  • Immigration, Immigrants and Trade Unions in Europe (IITUE)
  • Information and Communication Technologies and Migration
  • Integration crises. Analysing integration processes in an age of global instability
  • Interaction of Migrant Integration and Transnationalism
  • International Migration and Social Protection: Mobility and Diversity as Challenges to Welfare Rights and Provision
  • International Student Mobility and Migration
  • The IMISCOE Southeast European Migration research group (iSTEM)
  • Migrants and social organisations
  • Nationalist populism in contemporary Europe – ideological transformations, organizational development and mainstream reactions
  • Refugees in European localities: Reception, Perceptions and Policies
  • Revisiting mobilities between Europe and Latin America: the transnational circulation of people, ideas and practices in the 21st century
  • Transformations of border control: The politics of (im)mobility in times of crisis
  • TRANSMIG (Transnational Practices in Migration)
  • Transnational Migrant families, children and youth, and their intergenerational everyday experiences and informal learning perspectives
  • Ukrainian migration to the EU
  • Wealth Formation by Temporary Migrants: Case Study of Polish Migrants to European Union
  • Young Adult Mobility Options and Alternatives in Times of Economic Crisis. The Way Forward

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