January 2018

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Newsletter from the IMISCOE PhD Network


1. News from the network

2. Intergenerational feedback in Barcelona 2018

3. Surveys

4. Stay updated


1. News from the IMISCOE PhD Network

In 2017, the IMISCOE PhD Network carried out several activities with the aim of strengthening research and network opportunities for doctoral researchers in the field of migration. We hope that 2018 will be an equally good year.  The board members of the network have already many activities lined up, including: more PhD relevant blog posts, the creation of a new networking database, and PhD relevant workshops at the IMISCOE Annual Conference in Barcelona, including a renewed version of the successful "Intergenerational Feedback" sessions we had in Rotterdam in 2017.

2. Intergenerational Feedback in Barcelona 2018

On the latter note, we invite you all to consider submitting a proposal for the "Intergenerational Feedback" sessions which will take place at the IMISCOE Annual Conference in Barcelona. The aim of the sessions is to connect PhD students with senior scholars.

They will receive feedback from experienced scholars on the theoretical and methodological frameworks of their research, as well as receiving and providing constructive feedback to their PhD peers. PhD students who wish to take part in the session are kindly requested to read this, and send a proposal to the phdnetwork@imiscoe.org by February, 15th, 2018.

3. Surveys on Networking and Workshops 

The PhD Networks seeks to provide all PhDs in the field with the best possible activities and support. Therefore, we kindly ask you to fill out two short surveys: One is on improving network opportunities for PhDs in IMISCOE, and the other regards the workshop agenda of the IMISCOE Conference in Barcelona 2018. Both surveys only take a few minutes.




The IMISCOE PhD network aims at connecting all PhD students working on the broader theme of Migration beyond the annual IMISCOE conferences to give PhD students the possibility to network around specific topics, but also within their regions. If you want to join this broader PhD network, please fill in the survey.




In order to ensure interesting workshops for all, we would like to ask you some short questions for the organisation of the 2018 IMISCOE PhD Workshop in Barcelona. Your contribution is your chance to influence the programme of the PhD Workshop, and it will help us immensely, please fill in the survey.

4. Stay updated

We look forward to an enriching 2018, and hope to see many of you at future IMISCOE or IMISCOE PhD events. In the meantime: stay updated and check out the




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