April 2017

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14TH IMISCOE ANNUAL CONFERENCE (ROTTERDAM, JUNE 28-30, 2017) - Upload your papers

Registration for the 14th IMISCOE Annual Conference in Rotterdam is now open. Registration can be completed via the online conference portal (click here). The conference fee is € 200. PhD-candidates favor a discount of € 50. Deadline for registration is 1 June 2017.

Please note that registration is required for ALL participants; also if you have already paid your membership fee (either individual or via your institute) registration has to be done separately. If you have already paid for membership, you will automatically receive a fee waiver via the system. The conference fee includes participation in the conference, lunches, one reception and one dinner. By paying your fee, you will automatically become member of IMISCOE for a one-year period (read more about our membership policy).

UPLOAD YOUR PAPERS: Participants can now also upload their full papers via the conference portal. The abstracts of all conference papers are already available for all registered conference participants on the IMISCOE website.


IMISCOE PhD Workshops (during conference)

Academic Skills during and after a PhD in Migration Studies

28 June 2017, 8.30 - 12.15
Erasmus University, Rotterdam

Many beginning and advanced PhD’s have questions about their PhD project and all this entails. These workshops will cover some of the most frequently raised questions, concerning aspects of publication, research funding, and academic networking. They also offer participants the opportunity to meet their peers in a relaxed atmosphere.

Following the success of the 2016 PhD Workshop, which took place during the 13th Annual IMISCOE conference in Prague, the next IMISCOE PhD Workshop will take place on 28 June 2017 during the 14th Annual IMISCOE Conference in Rotterdam. This will be a complementary activity for PhD students in the IMISCOE network, focusing on academic skills that are particularly relevant for PhDs in the field of migration studies. As was the case in Prague, the workshop will be organised in the morning of the first day of the conference, just before the official opening of the program. More details here.

Meet-the-authors Bookpanel IMISCOE-Springer Research series

On the 2nd day of the Rotterdam conference - Thursday 29 June: 19.00-19.45,  IMISCOE organizes a meet-the-authors book panel, which contains an interactive discussion with several authors who have recently published a book in the IMISCOE-series. 
Have a look at the following books and ask questions to the authors!

The bookpanel will be followed by a wine reception. Please follow our newsletter, to find out more on this event. 

Coordination of IMISCOE remains at the Erasmus University Rotterdam

The coordination of Europe’s largest network of scholars on migration, integration and social cohesion remains at Erasmus University Rotterdam. In 2014, the EUR was granted its’ first period as coordinator of the IMISCOE Network. In February 2017, the IMSICOE Board of Directors has decided to grant EUR a second term as coordinator, from 2018 to 2022.

CALL FOR BIDS to host the IMISCOE PhD Summer School 2018

IMISCOE has an annual PhD Summer school, in the past organized among others in Rotterdam, Antwerp, Barcelona, and at Princeton. IMISCOE is now looking for interested institutions, or teams of several institutions, to develop bids to host the IMISCOE PhD Summer school 2018.

Bids should be submitted to the IMSICOE office by 15 May 2017. Bids should be sent as PDF attachments to the IMISCOE network office, to C. Jochemsen ( Any questions regarding the Call for bids can be directed to the IMISCOE network office or the IMISCOE Training Committee, to Marta Bivand Erdal (

IMISCOE is proud to announce that the Open University in London has joined the network whereas the Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies at the University of Amsterdam has rejoined the network.

Launch of the Erasmus Migration & Diversity Institute

Scholars from various departments of Erasmus University Rotterdam have decided to work together in order to address such cross-disciplinary questions raised by migration and diversity. They recently launched the Erasmus Migration and Diversity Institute (EMDI), which has as the main objective to deepen cross-disciplinary collaboration in research on migration and diversity and to position EUR in the rapidly developing international field of migration research.

The institute will be supported by the Erasmus Initiative (EI) and will also host the network office of IMISCOE, Europe’s largest network of academic research institutes on migration.

Call for papers - 3CI PhD Winter School: Migration and Urban Change (15 - 19 January 2018)

The Center for Ethnic and Migration Studies (CEDEM) of the University of Liège is glad to welcome applications for the third edition of the IMISCOE 3CI PhD Winter School ‘Migration and Urban Change'. Deadline for applications is September 15th 2017 at 5pm.

Eleonore Kofman (Professor of Gender, Migration and Citizenship at Middlesex University) has been appointed as member of IMISCOE's Executive Board.



IMISCOE Research series 

Preview of an interview with Olena Fedyuk and Marta Kindler on "Ukrainian Migration to the European Union: Lessons from Migration Studies (Imiscoe Research Series)", by Olena Fedyuk (Editor), Marta Kindler (Editor), from Warsaw, Poland and Budapest, Hungary, 1 March 2017


Marta Kindler and Olena Fedyuk



Jean-Michel Lafleur


Interview with Jean-Michel Lafleur, co-editor with Mikolaj Stanek of the edited volume “South North EU Migration in Times of Crisis”


Play the interview

Thank You Reviewers!



The Board of Comparative Migration Studies would like to use this opportunity to thank their reviewers for the continued support. Their expertise and hard work as a reviewer is invaluable to us and has helped the authors in improving their manuscripts.


The reviewers’ work is extremely important for us to publish high quality papers. We would like to recognize the reviewers’ contributions by publishing their names. 


View our Contributing reviewers

CMS publications


Recently published in CMS: 








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