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For those wishing to attend this session: Norms & Values 8 Fri July 9, 09:45 - 11:15, Session #215 panel | RI Norms and Values in...

Dudziro Nhengu’s presentation is now available

Dudziro Nhengu’s presentation is now available online.

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2021 Speakers

This conference proposes to zoom deeper into people’s migration experiences by foregrounding how migration is connected to culture and language.

Jaan Valsiner

Aalborg University

Mulki Al-Sharmani

University of Helsinki


Dudziro Nhengu

Africa University

Marco Martiniello

University of Liège

Wiebke Sievers

Austrian Academy of Sciences

Francio Guadeloupe

University of Amsterdam

Brings experts, publications, datasets and projects together under one roof.

Migration Research Hub


Migration and Pandemics
Spaces of Solidarity and Spaces of Exception
Migration and Pandemics
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Supported by the Luxembourg National Research Fund (RESCOM/19/13861532)