Network Office

The Network Office, located at the headquarters of the coordinating member, will implement financial, organisational and other practical aspects of the consortium. The Coordinator of IMISCOE will lead the office. Currently, the Centre for Ethnic and Migration Studies, also known as CEDEM (University of Liège),  fulfils the role of Coordinator of IMISCOE. IMISCOE is led by Jean-Michel Lafleur as coordinator.

The Network Office is the administrative and organisational heart of the Network and is headquartered at the Centre for Ethnic and Migration Studies (CEDEM), Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Liège.

Network Office

Prof. dr. Jean-Michel Lafleur


CEDEM, ULiège (University of Liège)



Network Office

Dr. Daniela Vintila

Senior Network Officer

Network Office

Angeliki Konstantinidou

Network Officer

Network Office

Dr. Mélanie De Winter

Finance and Communication Network Officer