IMISCOE Bulletin #4

IMISCOE Bulletin is a dissemination channel collecting and sharing the selection of the accumulated knowledge produced by IMISCOE Board of Directors' members.

#4 - New year, novel opportunities
What a time it has been since we started this Bulletin journey! Every opening is an exciting moment for us here at...

Migration Studies, Colonialism, and Coloniality
In migration scholarship, colonialism has been in the air for a while. Since the “refugee crisis” of 2015, migrants...
A chat with
We sat down to interview Melissa Siegel back in November and this is one is a gem, one of those you had in the volt...
In the spotlight
44 Opinions
‘Migration, Equality & Racism: 44 Opinions’ is a book with 44 thought-provoking opinion pieces from more than 80 VUB...
Reflections of an early-career migration researcher
How do we as migration researchers produce knowledge about hard-to-reach and vulnerable populations on the move?
A chat with
An Interview with Jean-Michel Lafleur and Daniela Vintila (CEDEM)
IMISCOE is delighted to announce its new co-ordinating institute as of next year, the University of Liège’s Centre for...