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As a PhD member of IMISCOE or registered in the IMISCOE PhD Database, you receive PhD news as separate newsletters and as part of the IMISCOE newsletters. Information on future and past events are included in the newsletters. You can also take up an active role in the PhD Network, and become a member of the Soundboard. There’s always room for more engaged members to help with the further development of the Network. The annual uptake of new active members follows the IMISCOE Annual Conference. If you want to get engaged in the PhD Network, send an email to the PhD Representative or get in touch during the conference.

To learn more about all the roles and related tasks within the PhD Network, as well as about the recruitment procedures, please read carefully the PhD Network Membership Policy, where the structure and functioning of the Phd Network are described in full detail.

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We're recruiting! Social Media manager

Deadline: 24 May 2020
The PhD Network is recruiting! We are looking for an enthusiast Social Media and Website manager. He or she will be in charge of keeping our social media pages up to date and to manage the PhD Network page on the website for the academic year 2020-2021....

Family Reunification as a Right or a Strategy to Limit Migration?

Brazil and Europe’s control of refugee’s family migration

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Value-Laden Ideal Types? ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’ Nationalism in Academic Research

Studying nationalism and national identity has become an academic discipline in its own right. That is no surprise. Nationalism and national identity remain among the most relevant categories for organising daily life and therefore lend themselves to...

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Why You Don't Want to Miss out on the Activities Organised by the IMISCOE PhD Network for the 17th IMISCOE Conference

I found out about the IMISCOE PhD Network during the 15th annual IMISCOE conference in Barcelona. It wasn’t really clear to me what it was about.

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Dr Lucy Mayblin on her New Book ‘Impoverishment and Asylum: Social Policy as Slow Violence’

This month we had the pleasure of talking to Dr Lucy Mayblin, Senior Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Sheffield about her new book ‘Impoverishment and Asylum: Social Policy as Slow Violence’ and the importance of history in contemporary...

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