Forced Migration and Refugees (FMR)

The Standing Committee Forced Migration and Refugees (FMR) seeks to critically reflect on the conventional dichotomy of voluntary / forced migration, avoid silo-isation of forced migration studies and instead seek debates across various fields and themes. The SC serves as an interdisciplinary forum for debates, research and dissemination on matters to do with, or relevant for, forced migration. Forced migration and refugees is understood in an inclusive and therefore in a broad sense covering a wide range of theoretical, normative and methodological approaches, a wide range of types of forced migration as well as immobility, where deemed relevant, and a wide range of fields, actors and the individuals involved. The Standing Committee strives for global coverage and considers affairs in the Global South, Global East and Global North.

Objectives of the Standing Committee

  • Promote generating knowledge and thorough understanding of all dimensions of forced migration and consider all types, categories and stages, as well as all interlinkages between them, of forced migration including (involuntary) immobility (e.g. refugees, asylum seekers, climate change and disaster-induced migrants, IDPs, deportees and returnees, etc.).
  • Promote interdisciplinarity to gain a holistic understanding of forced migration.
  • Delineate the distinctiveness of forced migration studies, simultaneously mainstreaming them within migration/mobility studies, while highlighting the overlap.
  • Link forced migration studies with studies of other fields (conflict, climate change, governance, human rights, genders, racism, border studies, health, etc.).
  • Encourage taking stock of knowledge, knowledge gaps and biases and promote addressing knowledge gaps and possible underlying biases.
  • Promote the ethically sound study of forced migration.


Franck Duvell

University of Osnabrueck, Germany

Marta Jaroszewicz

University of Warsaw, Poland


Ceri Oeppen

University of Sussex, United Kingdom

Claire Dorrity

University College Cork, Ireland


Eveliina Lyytinen

Gustavo de la Orden Bosch

Heidrun Bohnet

Zeynep Yanasmayan


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