Standing Committees

Standing Committees involve research clusters that have been established for a longer period of time, and have a broad programme of activities and a broad audience that they serve within IMISCOE.

The Standing Committee Education and Social Inequality aims at stimulating international comparative research on the intersections between education, (international) mobility and social inequality. It combines the research interests and experiences of...


Dr. Elif Keskiner

The Standing Committee “Gender and Sexuality in Migration Research” (GenSeM) brings together and supports IMISCOE-affiliated scholars whose research focuses on the areas of gender, sexuality and migration. GenSeM wants to create an infrastructure that...


Sarah Scuzzarello

The center of the focus of the IILME Standing Committee are the links between increasing migration, labour market dynamics and access to welfare resources. These are central to the discourse on both immigration and integration policies of newly arrived...


Anders Neergaard

The Standing Committee Meth@Mig provides a forum for discussing methodological approaches and tools in migration research and assessing the best options available for tackling manifold methodological challenges. The Standing Committee takes on a...


Justyna Salamońska

The objective of the Standing Committee on Migrant Transnationalism (MITRA) is to provide an arena within IMISCOE for academic exchange on migrant transnationalism. The transnational turn was an innovation in migration studies and offered a new...


Brigitte Suter

The Migration, Citizenship and Political Participation Standing Committee (MIGCITPOL) offers a unique forum to researchers working in the fields of migrants’ access to citizenship and political participation in sending and receiving societies....


Gianni d’Amato

The Migration Politics and Governance (MigPoG) Standing Committee (SC) takes a broad and comprehensive approach to the study of migration policy, one which aims at promoting dialogue between scholars focusing on the politics and governance of migration....


Emanuela Roman

In 2010, when then the Research initiative ‘Ageing Migrants’ started its activity, this was a little studied topic. The research projects conducted by members of the group and the publications have been growing along with the development of our network...


Tineke Fokkema

The SC Race, racism and discrimination (RACED) will be a forum for researchers to engage in interdisciplinary conversations with an ambition to more adequately conceptualize and empirically study racial inequalities and racial exclusion, and to...


Patrick Simon

Key Questions For what underlying structural reasons did migration research have such a success these last decades? Why is migration so often presented in politics, in public or in the media as a direct threat to sovereignty and national identity and...


Anna-Lisa Müller

DIVCULT aims to better understand the relevance of arts and culture in the theoretical and policy debates about immigrant incorporation and diversity in Europe and beyond. Over the last years, artistic activities have found increasing interest among...


Marco Martiniello

Standing Committees News


Call for Papers: Anti-Racism in Education

7-8 November 2023
Call for Papers: Workshop on Anti-Racism in Education, 7-8 November 2023, Amsterdam The ongoing and pervasive impact of intersectional and multilayered racism on the members of minoritized communities has recently opened wider public, media, and...

SC EduSocial at the IMISCOE Conference 2023

29 June 2023
The Standing Committee Education and Social Inequality is involved in a number of sessions at the IMISCOE Annual Conference 2022 in Oslo - below is a list. We look forward to interesting papers and debates! We want to highlight especially the hybrid...
Anna-Lisa Müller

Conference "Migration Studies and Social Theory: Problematizing Ontologies; De-centering Migration"

INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE Tübingen, 14-15th September 2023 Organized by: Iva Dodevska, Stefan Manser-Egli, Boris Nieswand, Anja Weiß Increased reflexivity in migration research has changed the focus and identity of migration studies. Since...

Invitation: Join the second Migration Studies Methods Trouble Shooting session

Tuesday, June 27
You are having a methodological challenge you can’t resolve? You are stuck in your methods framework? You are looking for input and inspiration? Whether it's the qualitative interviews that aren’t working out as you had thought or the sampling issue you...
Elsa Mescoli

COCUMINT 2022-23: Consumption of cultural goods as driver of migrant integration

April 2023
April 13 – 28, 2023 Programme and access link available default here ( 4.02 MB ) .