IMISCOE Bulletin #4

Welcome to the IMISCOE Bulletin fourth issue

29 June 2021

What a time it has been since we started this Bulletin journey! Every opening is an exciting moment for us here at IMISCOE to give you updates on the ongoing developments of the Network and this issue falls just by the much anticipated Annual Conference hosted by University of Luxembourg (UoL): “Crossing borders, connecting cultures”.

With the new year, IMISCOE kept its expansion process alive by welcoming three new members: University of Girona, MIDEX UCLAN (University of Central Lancashire) and CESSMIR (Ghent University). Stay tuned with our channels for some upcoming interviews!

The Anti-racism working group is full of vitality and helping incorporating innovations within Imiscoe structure and principles of organizatons and decision.  We can now say that the Anti-racism agenda is already part of the permanent Imiscoe identity! As part of this new thinking dynamic, we offer in this new Bulletin the pathbreaking editorial written by Prof. Ayse Caglar. The fight is still ongoing, and we are constantly thinking of way of fostering way to improve in and around our Network. Internal developments and external activities are everyday items, and the group will have its own slot during the conference: July 9th at 12:00-13:30, be there!

Changes and evolutions are part of any networking organization and they will be one of the features of the upcoming times here at IMISCOE, and one of the most exciting news will be the new Coordinator and Network Office by CEDEM (University of Liege) and their promotors Jean Michel Lafleur and Daniela Vintilia. The Erasmus University Rotterdam is excited for the last year of service and looking forward for a smooth transition in April 2022. In this Bulletin you will enjoy our very first interview with the pair done by Nathan Levy, our new addition in the Network Office.

New year, but some IMISCOE permanent commitments stay unchanged: Conferences! Just a couple months ago, Oxford hosted the Spring Conference online. We have more good news for you: the Annual Conference 7th-9th July hosted by University of Luxembourg (UoL) This year’s theme is: “Crossing borders, connecting cultures”. UoL has confirmed the conference will take place online, given the developments of the pandemic yet this doesn’t take any of the excitement out. We again warmly invite you, looking for having you again at our dearly missed live conference hopefully soon. Here you find all the needed information to register for the conference. Late application round is June 15th-July 2nd. Don’t miss your chance!

Now, what can you expect from this special issue? Beyond what we already previewed, you can enjoy our virtual sit down with Professor Melissa Siegel (University of Maastrich and United Nations University-Merit) talking about her youtube channel, an incredible PhD network input authored by Mariia Shaidrova (University of Tilburg) and our spotlight was written by Hanna Vermaut and Omar N. Cham (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)

  • Editorial by Asye Caglar: The Enigma of Arrival”: Migration Studies, Colonialism, and Coloniality
  • Meet the new IMISCOE Coordinators: Jean Michel Lafleur and Daniela Vintilia
  • Spotlight by Hanna Vermaut and Omar N.Cham: Migration, Equality & Racism: 44 Opinions
  • A chat with: Melissa Siegel and her Youtube channel
  • PhD Network by Mariia Shaidrova: "Fixing" knowledge production for academics: Reflections of an early-career migration researcher”



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#4 - New year, novel opportunities

Welcome to the IMISCOE Bulletin fourth issue

What a time it has been since we started this Bulletin journey! Every opening is an exciting moment for us...

“The Enigma of Arrival”

In migration scholarship, colonialism has been in the air for a while. Since the “refugee crisis” of 2015,...

A chat with
Melissa Siegel

We sat down to interview Melissa Siegel back in November and this is one is a gem, one of those you had in...

In the spotlight
Migration, Equality & Racism

‘Migration, Equality & Racism: 44 Opinions’is a book with 44 thought-provoking opinion pieces from more than 80...

"Fixing" knowledge production for academics

How do we as migration researchers produce knowledge about hard-to-reach and vulnerable populations on the...

A chat with
Meet the NEW IMISCOE Coordinators

IMISCOE is delighted to announce its new co-ordinating institute as of next year, the University of Liège’s...