Event: 24 March - 2021 - online

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In recent years, attitudes to immigration became a salient political issue in many Western European countries as well as the U.S.. Many factors have been proposed to shape these attitudes from media effects to party cues.


"A leopard can't change its spots: How and why early life experiences affect our attitudes to migration?"
However, a vast majority of social science research shows that our attitudes and values are formed in early adulthood through socialization and are remarkably stable later in life. How can we then explain the rise of anti-immigration parties in recent years? What are the main factors affecting attitudes to immigration? The lecture will answer these questions, especially focusing on generational and educational differences in attitudes to immigration and why these exist.
On March 24th, 5pm, Lenka Dražanová (European University Institute, Migration Policy Centre) will share her thoughts and answers to these questions. The lecture will be chaired by Leila Hadj Abdou (University of Vienna, INEX The Politics of Inclusion and Exclusion).

24 March, 2021
17:00 – 18:30 CET


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