Excellence, Diversity and Growth: A historical biography of the IMISCOE Research Network

By Aafke Brus, Radboud University Nijmegen

August 2014

4. Publications

Since 2006 IMISCOE has developed several publication series, oriented at academic as well as policy-oriented dissemination of research done in the context of the IMISCOE network. The policy-oriented publication series, in particular the policy briefs that were published online at the IMISCOE website and distributed in hard copy, was discontinued in 2009. Whether or not to re-launch a publication series aimed at knowledge utilization has remained a topic of debate in the IMISCOE board of directors ever since.

The more academically oriented publication series have, however, expanded significantly since 2006. Especially since the transformation of IMISCOE into a Research Network, these have become the main focus of the network’s publication strategy. A key part of IMISCOE’s strategy is to promote Open Access publishing, to make sure IMISCOE’s work can be promoted and disseminated in the broadest possible sense. Besides hard copy publishing, IMISCOE has always and continues to provide support to make as many of its publications as possible available in Open Access, making IMISCOE the market leader in Open Access publishing in the field of migration and integration studies in Europe. Most books in the IMISCOE research series as well as IMISCOE’s journal Comparative Migration Studies are available in Open Access.

IMISCOE’s book series was launched in 2006 together with the publisher Amsterdam University Press. At first, IMISCOE developed several parallel series, including the Research Series, the Dissertation Series and Research Reports. In the dissertation series, eighteen books have been published, while in the reports series only eight books were issued. In 2009 it was decided that both the dissertations and the reports series would be merged with the IMISCOE-AUP Research Series.  Besides the Research Series, IMISCOE has also developed a very successful Text Book Series. By 2014, three books have been published in this series.

Besides the book series, IMISCOE is also associated with the international double-blind peer reviewed journal Comparative Migration Studies (CMS), since 2014. This journal, established in 2012, was a good match with IMISCOE because of its equally comparative and multidisciplinary orientation. Furthermore, CMS is also involved in Open Access publishing. The decision to broaden the scope of IMISCOE’s publication strategy to journal publications reflects a broader trend in the academic world to appreciate journal articles as key parts of academic careers.

In 2014 both IMISCOE publication series, the books and the journal, moved to another publisher: Springer. This transfer is meant to strengthen the academic reputation and positioning of IMISCOE’s publications. Also with Springer, IMISCOE continues to support Open Access publications in the book series as well as for the journal.


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