Exploring Diverse Migrant Stories: The Voices of Lancashire Podcast Series

Voices of Lancashire is a podcast featuring interviews with migrants who live in the British northern county of Lancashire. It explores their experiences in the UK, their contributions to the local community and the reasons behind their decision to come to the UK. Every two weeks a new episode is out, and the fifth episode is now live!

The podcast is accessible from all major podcast distributors (Spotify, Apple podcast, etc) and from this independent platform.

This is an overview of the five interviews that have been published so far:

  1. Episode 1: Alessandro: the journey of an Italian nurse who was looking for a good life-work balance and found it in the UK
  2. Episode 2: Lana: the journey of a Palestinian refugee who became a British citizen
  3. Episode 3: Sojin: the journey of a South Korean student who eventually became a successful academic
  4. Episode 4: Graciela: The journey of an Argentinian woman who reinvented herself many times
  5. Episode 5: Enisa: the journey of an Albanian photographer who discovered new selves in the quietness of Lancashire life

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