Call for Applications: assistant professor in social sciences at University of Warsaw

Deadline: 15 October, 2021

The University of Warsaw would like to announce a competition for a team leader (“Red Giant”) who will manage the activities of excellent young researchers from the social sciences with high quality research experience (“Rising Stars”).

The team, under the leadership of the winner of the competition, will be obliged to implement a research project proposed by the winner, in an area of breakthrough research in the social sciences, and in particular the area of increased mobility, multidimensional inequality, demographic crisis, or digital transformation.

The head of a research project (“Red Giant) may be a person who holds at least a doctoral degree, who will create a new research team (Rising Stars) and will endeavour to achieve the following indicators: publications in peer-reviewed materials from international conferences, normalised citation index for scientific articles written in international collaboration, percentage of scientific articles written in international cooperation, and staff mobility. The manager of the research project, throughout its implementation, will be employed as a full-time academic teacher, among the group of research staff in the unit. 

The employment is planned to begin at the end of 2021 or the first quarter of 2022, but we will be ready to postpone it for outstanding candidates.


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