PriMob Talk - Deconstructing Privilege: The Everyday Lives of Expatriate Children in Finland, October 7th.

PriMob Talks is a new initiative from the PriMob Research Initiative. It will consist of a series of short talks online on privileged migration and mobilities led by key experts, followed by an informal debate. Sessions will last only 1h.

We are happy to announce the first session by Mari Korpela, from Tampere University, Finland. The talk will take place on October 7th, 10 am GMT+1 or BST

Deconstructing Privilege: The Everyday Lives of Expatriate Children in Finland

The prevailing image of expatriate children is of privileged kids with limitless possibilities who are to become the future global elite. In reality, there is much diversity among them, and one can be both privileged and restricted or marginalized at the same time. In her presentation, Mari Korpela will elaborate on the lives and views of expatriate children and youth in Finland. Being an expatriate child in a Nordic welfare state can be a very different experience from being an expatriate child in many other locations. On the one hand, the expatriate children and youth are privileged in Finland but on the other hand, they can be at the risk of marginalization especially at the age of secondary education. The presentation is based on an extensive ethnographic fieldwork among expatriate children and youth in a Finnish town.

Mari Korpela, PhD, is a social anthropologist and an Academy Research Fellow at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Tampere University, Finland. Currently, she is a visiting associate professor at the Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology in the University of Manchester, UK. She has extensive research experience among lifestyle migrants and expatriates. She is the director of the two research networks: Mobile Professionals and families and the Lifestyle Migration Hub. Her current research project is titled Expatriate Childhood: Children's Experiences of Temporary Migration.

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Save the date: the second session of PriMob Talks will be on November 11, same time, by Fabiola Mancinelli, from the University of Barcelona, who will talk about digital nomadism.

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