CFP: Workshop Family Migration Processes in a Comparative Perspective

Where:  WissenschaftsForum Berlin

Workshop: “Family Migration Processes in a Comparative Perspective: Causes, Patterns, Effects”.


Nadja Milewski and Can M. Aybek organize a workshop on the topic above. The aim of this workshop and special collection is to bring together international migration scholars from sociology and demography as well as neighbouring research disciplines who work on various types of family migration processes and their effects on intimate relationships, marriages, and families. The workshop is a collaboration between the „DGD-Arbeitskreis Migration, Integration, Weltbevölkerung“, the Bremen City University of Applied Sciences, the University of Rostock, and Population Europe. It takes place at the WissenschaftsForum Berlin on 25 October 2018.


Deadline for applications is 2 April 2018.

Download the pdf for more information.

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