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In this episode, Larisa Ozeryansky speaks to Dr. Bernadette Nirmal Kumar, expert in migration and health, about her career trajectory from working in medicine, to public health policy and pursuing academic research.

She talks about how her personal experience of being a migrant has motivated and informed her research and its outputs, and the professional benefits of having a specialization as well as experience in different sectors.

Bernadette Nirmal Kumar is a trained medical doctor originally from India. After many years of working for international organizations, she turned to research, and specifically to the topic of migrant health. Among other roles, Dr. Kumar is a researcher at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health and Co-chair of Lancet Migration Europe.

Larisa Ozeryansky is a PhD Candidate (University of Washington) and Fulbright scholar in Norway researching refugee health with the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. Her current Fulbright-Norway project is the design and facilitation of a participatory-media workshop/film for Oslo-based youth who arrived to Norway as refugees within the last two years. This project will apply Participatory Art Based Research (PABR), time and physical activity in nature, and digital media education, all with a trauma-informed, healing-centered and equity-based approach, to explore concepts of belonging, identity, and sense-of-place. 

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