Introducing: Migration Talks- The Impact Of Migration Narratives on EU Policymaking


Check out the "Migration Talks" podcast and the recent episode on the impact of migration narratives on EU policymaking, just in time for the EP elections this month.

In this episode, the "Migration Talks" team explores how migration narratives shape the upcoming European elections and influence policymaking in Brussels. These narratives are central to discussions and policies across Europe, especially as far-right parties amplify them as security threats for electoral gains. What are the prevailing migration narratives within the EU, and how do they impact the policymaking processes of the European Union? These and more questions will be answered by Florian, Co-director of BIRMM and Omar Ba who is a community organizer, activist and politician. 

You will find the Migration Talks podcast here: Migration Talks: a podcast by BIRMM - VUB Birmm

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