Category: IMISCOE Research Series
Publisher: Springer
Library: IMISCOE Research Series
Year: 2018


This open access book deals with contestations “from below” of legal policies and implementation practices in asylum and deportation. Consequently, it covers three types of mobilization: solidarity protests against the deportation of refused asylum seekers, refugee activism campaigning for residence rights and inclusion, and restrictive protests against the reception of asylum seekers. By applying both a longitudinal analysis of protest events and a series of in-depth case studies in three immigration countries, this edited volume provides comparative insights into these three types of movement in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland over a time span of twenty-five years. Embedded in concepts of political change, limited state sovereignty, and migration control, the findings shed light on actors, repertoires, and the effects of protest activities. The contributions illustrate how local contexts, national political settings, issue specifics, and social ties lead to distinctly different forms of protest emergence, dynamics, and strategies. Additionally, they give a profound understanding of the mechanisms and constellations that contribute to protest success, both in terms of preventing deportations of individuals as well as changing policies. In sum, this book constitutes a major contribution to empirically informed theoretical reflections on collective contestation in the fields of refugee studies and social protest movements.


  1. Political Protest in Asylum and Deportation. An Introduction
    Sieglinde Rosenberger
    Pages 3-25

  2. Asylum Policies and Protests in Austria
    Nina Merhaut, Verena Stern
    Pages 29-47 

  3. Between Illegalization, Toleration, and Recognition: Contested Asylum and Deportation Policies in Germany
    Maren Kirchhoff, David Lorenz
    Pages 49-68 

  4. Who Ought to Stay? Asylum Policy and Protest Culture in Switzerland
    Dina Bader
    Pages 69-86 

  5. Tracing Anti-deportation Protests: A Longitudinal Comparison of Austria, Germany and Switzerland
    Didier Ruedin, Sieglinde Rosenberger, Nina Merhaut
    Pages 89-115 

  6. Worth the Effort: Protesting Successfully Against Deportations
    Maren Kirchhoff, Johanna Probst, Helen Schwenken, Verena Stern
    Pages 117-139 

  7. Saving the Deportee: Actors and Strategies of Anti-deportation Protests in Switzerland
    Dina Bader, Johanna Probst
    Pages 141-160 

  8. “We Belong Together!” Collective Anti-deportation Protests in Osnabrück
    Sophie Hinger, Maren Kirchhoff, Ricarda Wiese
    Pages 163-184 

  9. “We Are Here to Stay” – Refugee Struggles in Germany Between Unity and Division
    Abimbola Odugbesan, Helge Schwiertz
    Pages 185-203 

  10. “We Demand Our Rights!” The Refugee Protest Camp Vienna
    Monika Mokre
    Pages 205-221 

  11. Mobilization Against Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Germany: A Social Movement Perspective
    Dieter Rucht
    Pages 225-245

  12. Protest Against the Reception of Asylum Seekers in Austria
    Miriam Haselbacher, Sieglinde Rosenberger
    Pages 247-269

  13. Protests Revisited: Political Configurations, Political Culture and Protest Impact
    Gianni D’Amato, Helen Schwenken
    Pages 273-291


  • This open access book provide an analysis of solidarity protest, refugee activism and restrictive protest
  • Providing comparative insights into pro- and anti-migration protest across and within three countries
  • Investigating relations between refugees and citizens
  • Shedding light on emergence, dynamics, and effects of protest with longitudinal data and case study perspectives


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