Category: IMISCOE Research Series
Publisher: Springer
Library: IMISCOE Research Series
Year: 2018


This open access book offers a critical perspective on intra-European mobility and migration by using new empirical data and theoretical discussions. It develops a theoretical and empirical analysis of the consequences of intra-European movement for sending and receiving urban regions in The Netherlands, Sweden, Austria, Turkey, Poland and Czech Republic.

The book conceptualizes Central and Eastern European (CEE) migration by distinguishing between different types of CEE migrants and consequences. This involves a mapping of migration corridors within Europe, a unique empirical analysis of consequences for urban regions, and an analysis of governance responses. Next to the European and country perspectives on this phenomenon, the book focuses on the local perspective of urban regions where most mobile citizens settle (either permanently or temporarily). This way the book puts the analysis of intra-European movement in the perspective of broader theoretical debates in migration studies and beyond.


  1. Between Mobility and Migration: The Consequences and Governance of Intra-European Movement
    Mark van Ostaijen, Peter Scholten
    Pages 1-17 

  2.  The Diversification of Intra-European Movement
    Deniz Sert
    Pages 21-43

  3. Consequences of Intra-European Movement for CEE Migrants in European Urban Regions
    Ursula Reeger
    Pages 45-62 

  4. Liquid Migration and Its Consequences for Local Integration Policies
    Godfried Engbersen
    Pages 63-76 

  5. Old Wine in New Bottles? Comparing the Post-War Guest Worker Migration and the Post 1989 Migration from CEE-Countries to EU-Member Countries
    Rinus Penninx
    Pages 77-97 

  6. Governance of the Free Movement of Workers and Persons at the European Level
    Karin Zelano
    Pages 101-123 

  7. The Multi-Level Governance of Intra EU Movement
    Gregg Bucken-Knapp, Jonas Hinnfors, Andrea Spehar, Karin Zelano
    Pages 125-140 

  8. Intra-European Movement: Multi-Level or Mismatched Governance?
    Dion Curry
    Pages 141-160 

  9. The Politics of Intra-European Movement
    Alex Balch
    Pages 161-180 

  10. Poland’s Perspective on the Intra-European Movement of Poles. Implications and Governance Responses
    Marta Kindler
    Pages 183-204 

  11. Intra-European Movement of Czechs with Special Regard to Austria and Care Givers (The “MICO” Type - Between MIgration and COmmuting)
    Dušan Drbohlav, Lenka Pavelková
    Pages 205-226 

  12. Migration from Central and Eastern Europe to Turkey
    Deniz Karcı Korfalı, Tuğba Acar
    Pages 227-248 

  13. Conclusions and Reflection
    Mark van Ostaijen, Peter Scholten
    Pages 249-262 

  14. The New European Migration Laboratory: East Europeans in West European Cities
    Adrian Favell
    Pages 263-270 


  • This open access book puts the analysis of intra-European movement in the perspective of broader theoretical debates in migration studiesUnique empirical analyses of the consequences of intra-EU migration on the urban levelInnovative and comprehensive comparative research methodology 



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