Category: IMISCOE Research Series
Publisher: Springer
Library: IMISCOE Research Series
Year: 2019


This open access book provides insight on current patterns of migration in Switzerland, which fall along a continuum from long-term and permanent to more temporary and fluid.  These patterns are shaped by the interplay of legal norms, economic drivers and societal factors. The various dimensions of this Migration-Mobility Nexus are investigated by means of newly collected survey data: the Migration-Mobility Survey.

The book covers different aspects of life in the host country, including the family dimension, the labour market and political participation as well as social integration. The book also takes into account the chronological dimension of migration by considering the migrants’ arrival, their stay, and their expectations regarding return.

Through applying conclusions drawn from the Swiss context to the migration literature on other European and high-income countries, this book contributes to new knowledge on current migration processes in high-income countries.  As such it will be a valuable reference work to scholars and students in migration, social scientists and policy makers.


  1. Today’s Migration-Mobility Nexus in Switzerland
    Gianni D’Amato, Philippe Wanner, Ilka Steiner
    Pages 3-20 

  2. Surveying Migrants in Europe. Experiences of the Swiss Migration-Mobility Survey
    Ilka Steiner, Aljoscha Landös
    Pages 21-54 

  3. Who Receives More Help? The Role of Employer Support in Migration Processes
    Laure Sandoz, Fabian Santi
    Pages 57-81 

  4. Who Are the Serial Movers? Sociodemographic Profiles and Reasons to Migrate to Switzerland Among Multiple International Migrants
    Jonathan Zufferey
    Pages 83-100 

  5. Integration of Recently Arrived Migrants in the Swiss Labour Market – Do the Reasons for Migration Matter?
    Philippe Wanner

  6. Employment Trajectories of Recent Immigrants in Switzerland
    Elena Vidal-Coso
    Pages 123-159 

  7. Does the Recognition of Foreign Credentials Decrease the Risk for Immigrants of Being Mismatched in Education or Skills?
    Marco Pecoraro, Philippe Wanner
    Pages 161-186 

  8. Immigrants’ Feelings of Attachment to Switzerland: Does the Cantonal Context Matter?
    Salomon Bennour, Anita Manatschal
    Pages 189-220 

  9. Who Feels Disadvantaged? Reporting Discrimination in Surveys
    Daniel Auer, Didier Ruedin
    Pages 221-242 

  10. Skill Levels as a Political Resource: Political Practices of Recent Migrants in Switzerland
    Metka Hercog
    Pages 243-263 

  11. How Transnational are Migrants in Switzerland? An Analysis of the Migration-Mobility-Transnationality Nexus
    Eric Crettaz, Janine Dahinden
    Pages 267-291 

  12. Immigrants’ Intentions – Leaning Towards Remigration or Naturalization?
    Ilka Steiner
    Pages 293-314 

  13. Conclusions
    Philippe Wanner, Ilka Steiner
    Pages 317-328 


  • This open access book sheds light on how economic drivers, societal factors and legal norms shape today’s migration patterns
  • Provides new insights into new migration patterns and integration processes in a high-income country with high levels of immigration
  • Written from a pluri-disciplinary perspective it helps identify approaches and solutions which can enhance immigrants’ integration
  • Based on the Migration-Mobility Survey

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