Cover of Gender, Generations and the Family in International Migration
Category: IMISCOE Research Series
Publisher: AUP
Pages: 404
ISBN: 9789089642851
Library: IMISCOE Research Series
Year: 2012
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Family-related migration is moving to the center of political debates on migration, integration, and multiculturalism in Europe. Still, strands of academic research on family migrations and migrant families remain separate from—and sometimes ignorant of—each other. This volume seeks to bridge the disciplinary divide. Collectively, the authors address the need to better understand the diversity of family-related migration and its resulting family forms and practices, to question simplistic assumptions about migrant families in public discourse, to study family migration from a mix of disciplinary perspectives, and to acknowledge the state’s role in shaping family-related migration, practices, and lives.


1 Introduction: Issues and debates on family-related migration and the migrant family: A European perspective
Eleonore Kofman, Albert Kraler, Martin Kohli, and Camille Schmoll
2 Sex and the regulation of belonging: Dutch family migration policies in the context of changing family norms
Sarah van Walsum
3 Marriages, arranged and forced: The UK debate
Ralph Grillo
4 Filial obligations among immigrants and native Dutch: A comparison of perceptions and behaviour among ethnic groups and generations
Djamila Schans and Helga de Valk
5 Social construction of neglect: The case of unaccompanied minors from Morocco to Spain
Núria Empez Vidal
6 The problem of ‘human capital’: Gender, place and immigrant household strategies of reskilling in Vancouver
Gillian Creese, Isabel Dyck and Arlene Tiger McLaren
7 The transmission of labour commitment within families of migrant entrepreneurs in France and Spain
Christine Catarino and Laura Oso
8 Spousal reunification among recent immigrants in Spain: Links with undocumented migration and the labour market
Amparo González-Ferrer
9 Cross-border marriage as a migration strategy: Thai women in the Netherlands
Panitee Suksomboon
10 Marriage across space and time among male migrants from Cameroon to Germany
Annett Fleischer
11 ‘He’s the Swiss citizen, I’m the foreign spouse’: Binational marriages and the impact of family-related migrations policies on gender relations
Yvonne Riaño
12 Transnational family life and female migration in Italy: One or multiple patterns?
Ludovica Banfi and Paolo Boccagni
13 Civic stratification, stratified reproduction and family solidarity: Strategies of Latino families in Milan
Paola Bonizzoni
14 Gender and intergenerational issues in the circulation of highly skilled migrants: The case of Indian IT professionals
Aurélie Varrel
15 Negotiating transnational caring practices among migrant families
Venetia Evergeti and Louise Ryan

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