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Year: 2017
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Comparative Migration Studies (CMS) is an international, peer-reviewed open access journal that provides a platform for articles that focus on comparative research in migration, integration, and race and ethnic relations. It presents readers with an extensive collection of comparative analysis, including studies between countries, groups, levels, and historical periods. CMS publishes research based on qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods studies. Contributions cover a wide disciplinary angle across the social sciences and the humanities. We are looking for articles that push present understanding of migration integration, and race and ethnic relations in new conceptual, methodological, and empirical directions.

Topics include, but are not limited to: migration and integration in relation to citizenship, national identity, refugee and asylum policy, social movements (pro and anti-immigration), gender, racialization, whiteness, ethnic and religious diversity and (post)colonialism.


  1. Sampling immigrants in the Netherlands and Germany
    Kurt Salentin & Hans Schmeets -  Special Issue: In search of a frame: Challenges and opportunities for sampling immigrant minorities - 

  2. Early tracking and immigrant optimism: a comparative study of educational aspirations among students in disadvantaged schools in Sweden and the Netherlands
    Olav Nygård - 

  3. Two logics of policy intervention in immigrant integration: an institutionalist framework based on capabilities and aspirations
    Philipp Lutz - 

  4. Trajectories of emigrant quasi-citizenship: a comparative study of Mexico and Turkey 
    Rusen Yasar - 

  5. Surveying immigrants in Southern Europe: Spanish and Italian strategies in comparative perspective
    Inmaculada Serrano Sanguilinda, Elisa Barbiano di Belgiojoso, Amparo González Ferrer, Stefania Maria Lorenza Rimoldi & Gian Carlo Blangiardo - 

  6. Cycles of judicial and executive power in irregular migration
    Marinella Marmo & Maria Giannacopoulos - 

  7. Must Interculturalists misrepresent multiculturalism?
    Tariq Modood - Commentary Series: Multiculturalism-Interculturalism - 
  8. Interculturalism in the post-multicultural debate: a defence
    Ricard Zapata-Barrero - Commentary Series: Multiculturalism-Interculturalism - 

  9. Intercultural policy in times of crisis: theory and practice in the case of Turin, Italy
    Tiziana Caponio & Davide Donatiello - 

  10. Managing crime through migration law in Australia and the United States: a comparative analysis
    Khanh Hoang & Sudrishti Reich - 

  11. Have the Olympic Games become more migratory? A comparative historical perspective
    Joost Jansen & Godfried Engbersen - 

  12. The civic turn of immigrant integration policies in the Scandinavian welfare states
    Karin Borevi, Kristian Kriegbaum Jensen & Per Mouritsen  Special Issue: The Civic Turn of Immigrant Integration Policies in the Scandinavian Welfare States - 

  13. Surveillance and prayer – comparing Muslim prison chaplaincy in Germany’s federal states 
    Lisa Harms-Dalibon - 

  14. A ‘civic turn’ in Scandinavian family migration policies? Comparing Denmark, Norway and Sweden
    Emily Cochran Bech, Karin Borevi & Per Mouritsen - Special Issue: The Civic Turn of Immigrant Integration Policies in the Scandinavian Welfare States - 

  15. The civic integrationist turn in Danish and Swedish school politics
    Christian Fernández & Kristian Kriegbaum Jensen - Special Issue: The Civic Turn of Immigrant Integration Policies in the Scandinavian Welfare States - 

  16. Does citizenship always further Immigrants’ feeling of belonging to the host nation? A study of policies and public attitudes in 14 Western democracies
    Kristina Bakkær Simonsen - Special Issue: The Civic Turn of Immigrant Integration Policies in the Scandinavian Welfare States - 

  17. Scandinavian exceptionalism? Civic integration and labour market activation for newly arrived immigrants
    Karen N. Breidahl - Special Issue: The Civic Turn of Immigrant Integration Policies in the Scandinavian Welfare States 

  18. The commodification of mobile workers in Europe - a comparative perspective on capital and labour in Austria, the Netherlands and Sweden
    Mark van Ostaijen, Ursula Reeger & Karin Zelano - 

  19. Aspirations and the subjective future of migration: comparing views and desires of the “time ahead” through the narratives of immigrant domestic workers
    Paolo Boccagni - 

  20. Surveying immigrants without sampling frames – evaluating the success of alternative field methods 
    David Reichel & Laura Morales - 




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