Superdiversity, Migration and Cultural Change

DIVCULT aims to better understand the relevance of arts and culture in the theoretical and policy debates about immigrant incorporation and diversity in Europe and beyond. Over the last years, artistic activities have found increasing interest among migration researchers because they prove to be a means of moving beyond ethnic differences towards narratives of identity and belonging that are more apt to capture the current post-migrant reality in many cities and countries.

We intend to cover a wide range of artistic and cultural activities in our analyses ranging from music, literature, cinema and theatre to sports, fashion, clothing, design and food.

The idea is to jointly work on the following dimensions: 

  • Theoretical and conceptual issues
  • Methodologies
  • Relevance and social impact

These dimensions constitute the general framework in which the researchers involved can initiate joint research activities, organise workshops and conferences and prepare publications.

DIVCULT builds on previous work carried out in the IMISCOE Standing Committee on Popular Art, Diversity and Cultural Policies in Post-Migration Urban Settings (POPADIVCIT) founded in 2010. POPADIVCIT focussed on the political and institutional framework of immigrant artistic activities, the social relations between all actors involved as well as on their impact in particular in terms of political participation and mobilisation. The work has resulted in several special issues of journals.  

Names of coordinators

Marco Martiniello

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Wiebke Sievers

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Executive board members (beside the coordinators)

Berndt Clavier

Karen Klijnhout

Elsa Mescoli

CEDEM - FaSS, ULiege, Belgium

alessandra venturini

Migration policy center, Italy


Selected publications


Visual Methodology in Migration Studies: New Possibilities, Theoretical Implications, and Ethical Questions

Springer Edition Editors: Karolina Nikielska-SekulaAmandine Desille IMISCOE Research Series book series (IMIS) This open access book explores the use of visual methods in migration studies. It presents a practical use of various visual methods in...

Consumption of Cultural Goods as driver for Migrants Integration

Seminar: 8 April 2021
The Satellite Seminar Jean Monnet Chair European Migration Studies on “Consumption of Cultural Goods for Migrants Integration” will take place online from 9 to 29 April. It includes presentations from renowned culture and migration scholars, the...

SAVE THE DATE : 20 mars 2021_Conference How to counter racism in professional football?

On Saturday 20 March 2021 between 10.00 and 17.30, the Standard de Liège and the CEDEM are organising an international online conference entitled "How to counter racism in professional football?". Registration is free but compulsory. The full programme,...

Special issue "Cultural and Artistic Participation of Migrants: A Pathway Towards Sociopolitical Integration"

We are very happy to announce the publication of the Special issue on the " Cultural and Artistic Participation of Migrants: A Pathway Towards Sociopolitical Integration " published on the AmeriQuests Vol. 16(1), and edited by Robert F. Barsky...

Scale Shifting: New Insights into Global Literary Circulation

Journal of World Literature, Volume 5 (2020): Issue 4 (Nov 2020): Special Issue: Scale Shifting: New Insights into Global Literary Circulation, edited by Wiebke Sievers and Peggy Levitt This special issue on scale shifting brings into sharper focus the...