International Migration, Integration and Social Cohesion

IMISCOE is the largest European network of scholars in the area of migration and integration. The focus is on comparative research and publications, in the IMISCOE book series as well as in the journal CMS. The annual IMISCOE conferences is a key-moment in the agendas of most migration scholars in Europe. In addition, IMISCOE contributes to the training of young researchers and their exchange throughout Europe. Also IMISCOE plays an important role in the mutual dialogue between researchers and society (policy, politics, civil society).

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IMISCOE (International Migration, Integration and Social Cohesion in Europe) is Europe's largest interdisciplinary research network in the field of migration, integration and diversity studies. The research network currently consists of 38 research institutes from almost all European countries and from various disciplines, including sociology, political science, economics, law, demography, public administration, social geography and history.



The IMISCOE network was established as a Network of Excellence on April 2004 in the context of the EU 6th Framework program. The acronym stands for International Migration, Integration and Social Cohesion in Europe. The European Commission initially funded the Network for a period of five years (1 April 2004 – 31 March 2009) with a budget of 4.5 million euro. The funding was seen as an investment that should lead to a sustainable form of European cooperation between researchers within the EU.



Being a member of IMISCOE gives access to various benefits and opportunities. They are marked with a •. Some benefits are only available to persons who are associated to an IMISCOE institute (link) as researcher, PhD or student. These last category of benefits and opportunities are marked with √. Membership will always be for the period of a year and can start at any moment in the year.




The collaboration of institutional partners of the IMISCOE Research Network is based on a Consortium Agreement. The latest version of the Consortium Agreement dates from 2014, when IMISCOE was taken over by Erasmus University Rotterdam.The IMISCOE Network is led by the Board of Directors, which delegates most of its tasks to the Coordinator. The Coordinator is supported by a Network Office that fulfils IMISCOE's day to day tasks, and by an Executive Board that prepares much of the decisions taken by the Board of Directors. In addition, IMISCOE has established a number of purpose-specific committees, like the Editorial Committee.



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