Call for Application - IMISCOE PhD Network: PhD Buddy System

“A New House for Migration Research and Exchange for PhD Students”

We are pleased to announce a call for applications for the coordination team of the IMISCOE PhD Network: PhD Buddy System, a new house for migration research and exchange for PhD students. We are seeking applications from PhD students and Postdoctoral researchers who would continue the valuable work initiated by the co-founders, Carolin and Sandra, in supporting the global connection of PhDs.

Building upon a successful first year that resulted in the formation of numerous buddy groups, we aim to make this project a permanent part of the IMISCOE PhD network. To better understand the project's origins, please refer to our blog post:

The selected team will be responsible for the following core tasks:

  1. Mentoring Event Organisation: This involves liaising with speakers, scheduling events, and ensuring smooth facilitation of interactive online sessions via Webex. Proficiency in using Webex and event management skills are essential for this task.
  2. Gathertown: This task mostly includes the management of the Gathertown platform, including sharing appropriate links, updating relevant materials such as recordings from mentoring sessions on the platform.
  3. Coordination and Email-Helpline: This task handles the coordination of the team and provides support to the Buddies through the email helpline.
  4. Group Allocation: Proficiency in Stata/R or strong Excel skills are required for efficiently allocating participants to buddy groups.
  5. Survey Creation and Evaluation: This involves creating, distributing, and analysing surveys to assess the progress of the buddy system. Familiarity with survey programs like Qualtrics or Unipark is beneficial.


In your application, please address the following points:

  • General interest: Explain your overall interest in the PhD Buddy System.
  • Specific task(s) interest: Choose one or two core tasks mentioned above and elaborate on your interest in them. If you possess relevant experience or skills, please highlight them. However, lack of experience should not deter you from applying, as we are committed to providing training.

Application form:

Rest assured, we have designed a timeline that accommodates summer vacations for interviews and ensures a smooth transition for the first 1-2 rounds of the new team for PhD Buddy System.


  1. Call released by 20th of June 2023
  2. Initial interviews at the IMISCOE annual conference in Warsaw (if possible)
  3. Application deadline: 13.07.2023
  4. Notification of interview selection by beginning of August
  5. Interviews conducted in early September
  6. Joint PhD Buddy Round 5 (including old and new members): Begins in October
  7. Primary responsibility for Round 6 (old members providing background support)
  8. Full responsibility for Round 7

We look forward to receiving your applications and building a strong team to drive the future success of the IMISCOE PhD Network: PhD Buddy System.

For questions related to the call for application please refer to the e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.