Call for panels and papers

During the annual IMISCOE conference in Lisbon (2024) the newly formed Standing Committee Race, Racism and Discrimination (RACED) wants to support research presentations and panel sessions that are relevant for its agenda and its goal to centralize and address discussions on race as an analytical concept within the research network.

We strongly encourage anyone working on the themes of race, racism, anti-racism, discrimination, postcolonialism & decolonization, to propose individual papers and/or panels and/or workshops for the annual conference. Junior researchers and researchers who identify as belonging to marginalized or racialized groups are especially encouraged to submit proposals.  

Papers could for example explore and discuss:

  • Research ethics in migration studies from a decolonial and/or antiracist perspective
  • Racialization processes in Europe: legacies, emerging forms and ruptures
  • Euro/western centric migration categories and the dynamics of categorization
  • Conceptualizing racism and discrimination: addressing implicit biases and embedded discrimination in the (re)production of race (systemic, structural, institutional, collective and individual, intentional and unintentional, manifest and subtle, colorblind racism)
  • Racisms and discrimination in law enforcement (racial profiling, racism in policing, racism in migration control)
  • Ethnoracial discrimination as a driver of migration-related inequalities
  • Strategies and policies to combat racial discrimination (from diversity management to counter-hegemonic strategies)


If you are interested in presenting a paper or a panel that is connected to this broad agenda of topics please submit your abstract via IMISCOE portal and crossing out the Standing Committee Race, Racism and Discrimination (RACED).