A new episode of Voices of Lancashire is out now. Gosha: the journey of a Polish artist who became a Pol-Lancs lass.

In this episode, Gosha, a Polish artist who arrived in Lancashire twenty years ago, recollects her story of adaptation to and integration with the local society. In her early twenties, Gosha left Poland hitchhiking, with the goal to go to Portugal for a holiday. She never arrived in Portugal: in Spain she met a British man who then became her partner and father of her son. After a few years in Spain, they moved to Clitheroe, a place that soon became Gosha’s new home. A gifted artist, Gosha feels she has a responsibility towards the world, namely to fill it with colours and positive energy and spread the love she feels when she creates. If you want to know more about Gosha’s art, follow this link: https://www.goshagibek.com/

And if you want to listen to this episode follow this link: https://saspod.com/voicesoflancashire/112/2651 (or listen to it in the major podcast distributors by searching Voices of Lancashire).