IMISCOE Standing Committee “Migration Politics and Governance” (MigPoG) Call for Proposals for the 20th IMISCOE Annual Conference, 3-6 July 2023, Warsaw & online

MigPoG aims at promoting dialogue between scholars focusing on the politics and governance of migration. MigPoG starts from the assumption that in a context of increasing politicisation of migration, governance and politics should be thematised as the two facets of the same coin. The SC has the ambition of covering migration policy in a broad sense, including immigration, emigration, border control, integration, asylum seekers and refugees etc.

From a geographical point of view, MigPoG intends to contribute to the overcoming of the national-government and receiving country-centred bias of much research on migration policy, which is still highly characterised by a Eurocentric (or more broadly West-centric) approach.

From a disciplinary perspective, the SC aims at catalysing scholars working on migration policy from different approaches, reflecting an understanding of policy as the product of the interaction between multiple actors, i.e. political parties, public officials, NGOs, social movements, anti-immigrant groups, migrant associations and the like.

MigPoG aims at promoting a critical approach, i.e. one that accounts for its contested nature and problematizes conventional categories and ideas in migration governance regarding, for instance, the role of knowledge production, the dichotomy between ‘forced’ and ‘voluntary’ migration the notion of immigrant integration, race and racialisation etc.

MigPoG also seeks to include different methodological approaches to the study of migration politics and governance, and more specifically both quantitative and qualitative methods.

MigPoG calls for panels, workshops and papers that fall into the framework of the standing committee. We are open to theoretical, methodological and empirical proposals that address the political dimension of migration policy, including the struggles around its definition in different social and political contexts. In line with the general topic of IMISCOE Annual Conference 2023, MigPoG will privilege proposals that consider the impact of migration policies and governance on inequalities and discrimination, especially institutional racism.


How to submit your proposals 

Individual Paper Proposals

Paper proposals should include a 250-word abstract and the name, affiliation and contact details of the author(s). Individual papers will be thematically clustered into panels. We strongly encourage authors to highlight the conceptual and methodological novelty of their contribution.

Panel Proposals

Panel proposals should include a 250-word abstract of the theme of the panel, together with min 3/max 5 thematically consistent and related 250-word paper abstracts. Submissions should also include the name, affiliation and contact details of the chair(s), discussant(s) and author(s) of each paper.


Proposals can also be submitted for workshops. This can be, for example, book workshops, policy workshops or round tables focusing on specific topics, with the aim of discussing research or outlining future research agendas. Submissions for workshops should include a maximum of 400-word abstract as well as the names, affiliations and contact details of the organizer(s) and workshop participants (up to 10 participants, excluding the workshop chairs).

The deadline for submitting proposals is 5 December 2022 (23:59 CET). Please submit your proposals through the IMISCOE submission platform and link them to the SC “Migration Politics and Governance”.


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