Vacancy: PhD Candidate: Digital Skills and Refugee Integration 'Exploring Digital Skills for Refugee Women: Challenges and Opportunities in the Netherlands'

27 November 2023

In the Netherlands, digital literacy has become a critical skill for social and economic participation. This project investigates how digital skills impact the integration process of female refugees, including language acquisition, cultural understanding, social participation, and overall adaptation. As a PhD candidate, you will play a vital role in engaging directly with refugee women and contributing to research that promotes equal opportunities and inclusivity. You will interview and collect data from immigrant women, conduct systematic literature reviews and get acquainted with relevant organisations involved in the research. The tasks will consist of developing a map identifying the challenges refugee women face when seeking employment and education, analysing data through interviews and workshops to identify patterns, themes and trends related to the role of digital skills in integration. Further, the candidate will collaborate with stakeholders and experts, as well as with the women themselves, to develop capacity-building interventions to empower refugee women with digital skills, contributing to their integration and active participation in society. See here for more information on the vacancy.

The application deadline is set on 27 November 2023.

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