Border Crossings II. MIDEX: Representations Strand. UCLan

14-15 December 2023
  • INNOVATION ROOM EIC317 (Room 317, Engineering & Innovation Centre (EIC), Fylde Rd, Preston PR1 2XS)

Border Crossings II will focus on poets, poetic practices (including translation), and creative approaches to the theme of Border Crossings, broadly understood. We recognise that many thinkers and makers may cross borders between scholarship and art. We hope to offer literary artists the freedom to present their work, and interdisciplinary practitioners the opportunity both to perform and to reflect.

This conference marks the second iteration of the theme of Border Crossings, hosted at UCLAN. December 2022 saw the successful launch of the theme, with our academic conference on 'Representations of Border Crossings in Literature, Media and the Arts'. These events are part of the activities of the UCLAN MIDEX Centre (Research Centre for Migration, Diaspora and Exile). Our speakers included both academics and poets, who read poetry that touched on or illuminated the conference theme.

This event is the next step to build on the success of our academic conference in 2022. This year, the focus shifts from academic to poetic discourse: to poetry, poets, and poetry translators. We believe that poetry can engage with reality more effectively (and with its readers -- more directly) than scholarship can alone. We thus hope to unfold the thematic potential of 'Border Crossings' more profoundly, in and through our poetic gathering.

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