R&D Specialist – Department of Geography and Spatial Planning – Horizon Europe project INNOVATE

The University of Luxembourg is an international research university with a distinctly multilingual and interdisciplinary character. The University was founded in 2003 and counts more than 6,700 students and more than 2,000 employees from around the world. The University’s faculties and interdisciplinary centres focus on research in the areas of Computer Science and ICT Security, Materials Science, European and International Law, Finance and Financial Innovation, Education, Contemporary and Digital History. In addition, the University focuses on cross-disciplinary research in the areas of Data Modelling and Simulation as well as Health and System Biomedicine. Times Higher Education ranks the University of Luxembourg #3 worldwide for its “international outlook,” #20 in the Young University Ranking 2021 and among the top 250 universities worldwide.

The Faculty of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences (FHSE) brings together expertise from the humanities, linguistics, cognitive sciences, social and educational sciences. People from across 20 disciplines are working within the Faculty. Along with the disciplinary approach a very ambitious interdisciplinary research culture has been developed.

The faculty’s research and teaching focuses on social, economic, political and educational issues with the common goal of contributing to an inclusive, open and resourceful society. The FHSE offers six Bachelor and twenty Master degrees and a doctoral school providing students with the necessary knowledge and high-qualified skills to succeed in their future career.

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The Horizon Europe project INNOVATE - Innovating to Enhance Dialogues on Migration Policies and Practices which aims to facilitate a change in the types, scope, forms and impacts of Migration Research to Policy (MR2P) engagement to test and develop process innovations concerning migration. The project is coordinated by the European University Institute in Florence at the Migration Policy Centre and the University of Luxembourg is participating as a partner (Prof. Dr. Birte Nienaber). The project is composed of a multidisciplinary team including 12 international institutes.

At the University of Luxembourg, the team will work closely with the European Migration Network (EMN) as the National Contact Point for Luxembourg is also situated at the Department of Geography and Spatial Planning.

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