The IMISCOE 2023 Activity Report and the 9th Edition of our IMISCOE Bulletin are out now!

It is our great pleasure to share with you the IMISCOE activity report for the year 2023. We hope that this report, while unavoidably reflecting only parts of the incredibly rich activities that our Network developed in 2023, will provide an indication of how active our community was in the past year. It includes information regarding our IMISCOE governance bodies, research activities, publications, training, awards, and the different events we organized in 2023.

We also warmly invite you to read the recently released 9th edition of our IMISCOE Bulletin. Built around contributions from IMISCOE’s External Affairs Committee and the Network Office, this edition includes several items highlighting the rich activity of our Network:

  • An editorial by Mary Boatemaa Setrana, reflecting on the African voices on migration.
  • Reflections from IMISCOE Coordinators Jean-Michel Lafleur and Daniela Vintila regarding our 2023 activities.
  • An interview with Thais França and João Miguel de Carvalho, hosts of the 2024 Annual Conference.
  • An overview of our IMISCOE Standing Committees.
  • Updates regarding the activities of the IMISCOE PhD Network during the 2024 IMISCOE Annual Conference, by Billie Martiniello, Agnese Pacciardi, and Mateusz Krawczyck.
  • News on the IMISCOE Migration Podcast, by Kate Dearden, Milena Belloni, Mark Marvin Kadigo, Roos Derrix and Asya Pisarevskaya.
  • A presentation of the Center on Forced Displacement (CFD) at Boston University (IMISCOE’s first Member Institute in the US), by Carrie Preston and Muhammad Zaman.
  • A section on visual tools in migration research, by researcher and photographer Kemal Vural Tarlan.
  • News regarding the IMISCOE PhD Academy activity on “Wellbeing and resilience during the PhD Journey”, by Cosmin Nada.

We hope you enjoy reading this new IMISCOE Bulletin and our 2023 Activity Report!

We are extremely thankful to all IMISCOE members and friends for your significant contribution in enriching our Network’s activities and events!

Jean-Michel Lafleur and Daniela Vintila
IMISCOE Coordinators

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