Marco Martiniello, Jan Rath (2014). An Introduction to Immigrant Incorporation Studies: European Perspectives

Martiniello, Marco and Rath, Jan (2014). An Introduction to Immigrant Incorporation Studies: European Perspectives. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press
ISBN 978 90 8964 648 4

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The combination of increased migration, new technologies, and growing wealth have changed the face of Europe. Today, one in ten Europeans was born outside the continent. Processes for incorporating these immigrants vary widely from city to city and nation to nation, and even from one institution to another within a city. This collection offers a comprehensive overview of the state of scholarship on all these approaches and their effectiveness. It brings together current theory with practice, analysing problems and debates in the field.

Marco Martiniello is research director at the Belgian National Fund for Scientific Research (FRS-FNRS), professor at the Institute for Human and Social Sciences and director of the Center for Ethnic and Migration Studies at the University of Liège. Jan Rath is professor of urban sociology and associated with the Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies (IMES) and the Centre for Urban Studies at the University of Amsterdam.

“Insightful and highly readable essays on key issues and theoretical perspectives by leading scholars of immigration... a valuable resource for students and scholars on both sides of the Atlantic.”
Nancy Foner, Distinguished Professor of  Sociology, Hunter College and the Graduate Center,  City University of New York

 “This comprehensive collection... interrogates the notions of integration, multicultural democracy, and multicultural citizenship in innovative ways that not only matter for Europe but have far-reaching implications for non-European contexts.”
Min Zhou, Tan Lark Sye Chair Professor of Sociology, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

 “[W]e at last have a book that brings together all of the complexities involved in joining a new society.”
Jennifer Hochschild, Henry LaBarre Jayne Professor of Government at Harvard University

Table of content


1. Immigrant Incorporation Studies in Europe: An Introduction (Martiniello and Rath).

Theoretical Perspectives.

2. Citizenship Theories and Migration (Faist and Kivisto).

3. Assimilation (Alba and Nee).

4. Multicultural Models (Eade and Ruspini).

5. Race, Racism and Class (Solomos).

6. Integration and Gender (Schrover).

Immigrant Incorporation in Action.

7. Challenges in the Education of Migrant Children (Montero-Sieburth).

8. Understanding the Incorporation of Immigrants in European Labour Markets (Samers).

9. Immigrant Entrepreneurship (Kloosterman and Rath).

10. Immigrants' Political Incorporation (Bloemraad and Vermeulen).

11. Health (Chimienti, Ingleby and Cattacin).

12. Religion (Amiraux).

13. From Others to Artists? Immigrant and Ethnic Minority Art (Sievers).

Regulation of Immigrant Incorporation.

14. Welfare States and Incorporation Strategies (Ireland).

14. Between National and Local Integration Policies (Entzinger and Scholten).

Epilogue. Beyond Immigrant Integration Debates and Policies: A European Union Multicultural Citizenship? (Martiniello)

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