MIGCITPOL Inaugural Workshop

Our Inaugural Workshop – entitled “Regulating and Experiencing Immigrant Status Transition: Comparing Entry, Settlement, and Naturalization” – was planned to take place in May 2020 at GIGA in Berlin. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we had to cancel the event.


We are very sad to have missed what promised to be an exciting event with formidable participants and papers. The intention was to analyze questions about immigrant status transitions in an interdisciplinary setting, gathering a group of scholars not only from the discipline of political science, but also from law, sociology and anthropology, and both from empirical and theoretical backgrounds and diverse methodologies. In line with our vision of expanding the network and its inclusiveness and scope, we also gave early-careers scholars and those coming from low and middle-income countries priority in terms of funding.


We are currently awaiting further developments of the pandemic to reorganize our first conference. Thanks for your interest and patience.

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