4th EuroMedMig National Workshop: Morocco

Event: 27 October 2021

This is the fourth of a series of six EUMedMi National Workshops that will be hosted by six partner institutions from the North and South of the Mediterranean including: Belgium, Tunisia, Portugal, Morocco, Turkey and France between the years 2020-2022.

The main purpose of National Workshops is to bring scholarly knowledge and expertise on a concrete topic related to Mediterranean Migration national agenda, and promote dialogue with main national stakeholders, policy-makers and politicians.  

The following questions will be addressed during the 4th national workshop:
  • How migration to Morocco from the North has evolved throughout the history?
  • What are its features and determinants and to what extent it is due to structural or cyclical factors?
  • How about the cultural and socioeconomic integration of mainly French and Spanish migrants and how this could be used as a strong argument to pledge for a new paradigm of migration within the Mediterranean region?
  • What is the overall impact of this migration on Morocco’s economy?


The hybrid workshop will be entirely in French. However, simultaneous translation in English will be delivered through Zoom. Registration for this event is requried. 




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