CfP - XIV Spanish Congress of Sociology: 'Inequalities, borders and resilience. Sociology for global crises'

Deadline: 21 January, 2022

The Sociology of Migration Research Committee (CI25) Calls for papers for the XIVth Spanish Congress of Sociology! The XIV Spanish Congress of Sociology (XIV Congreso Español de Sociología) will take place on June 30th at the University of Murcia (including the possibility of organising some online sessions).

Proposals are encouraged on topics related to the study of the dynamics of migration flows (emigration, immigration, circularity, return, etc.), migration policies, the links between migration and citizenship, the integration of migrants in their host society (education, family dynamics, labour market), as well as other topics that address the study of mobility from a sociological and interdisciplinary perspective. Papers that include a transnational, gender and intergenerational approach to the study of population movements are also welcome. Contributions that address any of these issues in the context of the current Covid-19 pandemic are also welcome. Of particular interest is research that analyses how and to what extent the global health crisis is impacting on migratory flows, migration policies and the socio-economic integration of the immigrant population in host societies. Papers in English are accepted. Some sessions will be held in English. Some selected ONLINE sessions will be also organized (the CI25 management team will be the one that selects the communications and organizes the tables that will be held online).

After the XIII Spanish Congress of Sociology held in Valencia in 2019, a Special Issue was published in the Revista Migraciones (Scopus Q1) entitled Migration Policies, Participation and the Political Construction of Migration in Spain. The intention is to repeat this same experience and organise a new Special Issue in an indexed scientific journal, with a selection of papers presented at the XIV Congress

Upload your paper abstract through the Conference tool (Conftool) by 21 January 2022



CfP - XIV Spanish Congress of Sociology: 'Inequalities, borders and resilience. Sociology for global crises'


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