Call for papers - workshop "Digitization of Migration Research Methods: Promises and Pitfalls"

Deadline: February 15, 2022


The IMISCOE Standing Committee “Methodological Approaches and Tools in Migration Research” (Meth@Mig) is inviting paper proposals for the workshop "Digitization of Migration Research Methods: Promises and Pitfalls". This event will be held at the Center of Migration Research, University of Warsaw on May 30, 2022

This workshop aims to identify and reflect on the promises and pitfalls of the digital revolution for migration studies across their different methodological currents, including data science, survey research, and qualitative approaches, as well as their various combinations.

To stimulate debate, Dr Ingmar Weber (Qatar Computing Research Institute), will kick off the event with his keynote speech.

Questions to be discussed at this meeting include the following: What is the future of survey research in an increasingly digitized world? Is Big Data capable of generating scientifically sound knowledge? Is there a digital substitute for “old-school” ethnographic fieldwork? Can internet-mediated interviews and focus groups take the place of face-to-face research? What are the emerging ethical challenges in digital migration research?

Proposed papers are expected to contribute to the above debate on the digitalization of migration research methods by providing methodologically grounded reflection on pros and cons for opening migration studies towards digitalization of research methods and tools. Interested scholars of all disciplines, representing various methodological approaches, and at any career stage are invited to submit an extended abstract of approx. 500 words and a short personal bio by 15th February 2022. The organizers will notify authors about the results of the review process by 1st March 2022.

Please see the pdf full text of the call for papers (201 KB)  for details.

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