PriMob Talk - Harnessing the mobility privilege: Digital Nomads and the State

PriMob Talks is a new initiative from the PriMob Research Initiative. It consists of a series of short talks on privileged migration and mobilities led by key experts, followed by an informal debate. Sessions last only 1h.

We are happy to announce the second session by Fabiola Mancinelli, University of Barcelona. The talk will take place on November 11th, 10 AM GMT/11 AM CET.

The talk will be followed by a short debate moderated by Franz Buhr, University of Lisbon.

Please check the session’s details below:

Harnessing the mobility privilege: Digital Nomads and the State

Abstract: Digital nomads are remote professionals who travel alone or with their families and engage in location-independent work online while abroad or on the road. Their utopian vision of “the good life” reclaims a better work/life balance by “escaping the rat race” to travel the world at their heart’s content. Empirical research tells us they are predominantly, though not exclusively, white, relatively well-educated and resourced in various forms of capital. Their powerful passports from affluent industrialised nations afford them a “seemingly privileged” status, allowing them, among other things, to choose to temporarily reside and work from lower-cost locations where they can maximise the purchasing power of income earned in a strong currency.

In this presentation, I will examine the strategies digital nomads use to harness their mobility privilege, paying attention to the implications of their lifestyle for citizenship and the ways nation-states shape their mobilities regimes.

Fabiola Mancinelli, PhD, is a social anthropologist and a lecturer at the University of Barcelona. Her research interests have explored different dimensions of tourism and travel culture, including tourists’ narratives and practices, UNESCO heritage-making processes and commodification of culture in postcolonial contexts and, more recently, the entanglement between remote work and emerging forms of mobile living. She has been doing research on digital nomads since 2016. She is a former co-convenor of AnthroMob, the EASA Anthropology and Mobility network.

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