Making the Most of Mobile Phone Data to Map Migration (workshop)

02 November 2022

17-18 November, 2022. Boğaziçi University.

Keynote speakers: Joshua Blumenstock (Berkeley School of Information, University of California), Stefano Iacus (Institute for Quantitative Social Science (IQSS), Harvard University), and Xavier Vollenweider (Flowminder).

This workshop gathers technical experts, computer scientists, social scientists, ethics experts, industrial stakeholders, and policymakers in a collaborative setting to share expertise and merge knowledge on using mobile phone data for migration research. One of the aims is to discuss policy implications of safely and ethically sourced mobile CDR and XDR data for tracking migration, and to establish a common language for work performed under different lenses. A coherent set of indicators, as well as best practices for reproducible research will be shared. A white paper will be produced on policy implications by the participants of the expert workshop to be shared with stakeholders.

To learn more about this event and to register, please click here.

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patrick simon

Call for papers and panels at Lisbon 2024

24 September 2023
Call for panels and papers by SC RACED During the annual IMISCOE conference in Lisbon (2024) the newly formed Standing Committee Race, Racism and Discrimination (RACED) wants to support research presentations and panel sessions that are relevant for its...
IMISCOE Network Office

Call for Papers for panel “Intermigrant dynamics: Practices of racism and solidarity”

21 September 2023
Panel Submission to the 21st IMISCOE annual conference on Migration as a Social Construction: A Reflexive Turn, Lisbon (and online), 02-05 July 202 Panel Abstract “Intermigrant” dynamics: Practices of racism and solidarity This panel seeks to explore...
IMISCOE Network Office

UCLan-MIDEX Seminar: 'Entangled Exploitations of Nature and Labor in Caribbean Slave Narratives', by Dr Astrid Haas (University of Bergen)

Wednesday 20 September 12-13.00 (BST)
The talk studies the entangled exploitation of human labor and natural resources in the early 19th-century Caribbean through the lens of selected slave narratives from the region. The exploitation of enslaved Africans as a cheap human labor force in the...
IMISCOE Network Office

VSJF (German Association for Social Science Research on Japan) Conference 2023

November 3-5 2023
at JDZB (Japanese-German Center Berlin) in Berlin. This year’s VSJF (German Association for Social Science Research on Japan) Conference theme is “Labor and (im)mobility in Japan and East and Southeast Asia: Transnational, regional and rural-urban...
Sayaka Osanami Törngren

Call for members for the new Standing Committee Race, Racism and Discrimination (RACED)

19 September 2023
We are happy to announce the launch of IMISCOE Standing Committee Race, Racism and Discrimination (RACED) which aims to create a forum for researchers to engage in interdisciplinary conversations conceptualizing and empirically studying racial...