Panel debate ‘What if cities governed anti-racism?- 27 April 2023

04 April 2023

Join the panel debate "What if cities governed anti-racism?" (part of the 2023 IMISCOE PHD School)

Date: Thursday, 

Place: Muntpunt, Place de la Monnaie 6, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

During the last decade, local governments in Europe have increasingly set up anti-discrimination, anti-racism or even decolonization policies. This happened particularly so in the wake of the Black Lives Matter Movement (BLM) in 2020, which created a pressure for change. At the same time, the increased success of far-right parties and discourses also created an atmosphere wherein there is a backlash against anti-racist civil society organizations, as experienced through threats and the loss of support for anti-racist organisations and policies in several countries. How do cities navigate between these two opposite pressures for change? What can cities do to foster racial justice? Can they replace or complement European and national anti-racism policies? How can they develop a long-term action plan and what should be in such a plan? How can they develop and evaluate policies with racialized citizens and anti-racist organizations at the table? Have their policies made an impact? And how to prevent a backlash and lack of implementation? These are all questions that we will tackle during this event! If you want to learn about building an anti-racist city, and how our speakers try to do so in various places in Europe, join us on Thursday 27 April (7 pm).

This panel debate is co-organized by BIRMM, CEDEM (University Liège), CESSMIR (Ghent University), The Network on Migration and Global Mobility  (University Antwerp), Levl and IMISCOE in the framework of the PhD school. 

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