Fostering South-North connection among migration studies scholars working on the topic of education and social inequalities!

06 November 2023

IMISCOE SC EduSocial – I Online matchmaking session, February 2024

Fostering South-North connection among migration studies scholars working on the topic of education and social inequalities!

Why connect with different regions?

Although migration is a global phenomenon, it does not necessarily unfold in the same manner in different regions of the world, hence the way that education, social inequality and mobility intersects also presents different nuances depending on to or from migratory trajectories unfold. As a result, different research questions regarding the importance of education in sustaining, increasing or abolishing social inequalities in migratory backgrounds may be relevant in different contexts, leading to the need to develop specific conceptual and methodological approaches and tools to address these questions.

Yet, because of the hierarchical epistemological structures prevalent in academia, a substantial portion of scientific work emerging from scholars in the Global South, which delves into the intricate dynamics and interconnections of phenomena within their own regions or the experiences of their own citizens, often goes unrecognized and remains marginal in important institutions of academic knowledge production (such as journals, conferences). This is exacerbated by limited access to research funding, exclusion from academic networks, and the neglect of their research questions within the mainstream field of migration.

Given this context, SC EduSocial's inaugural online matchmaking session aims to create a dedicated space for addressing the persistent inequalities in knowledge production dynamics within the field of migration studies and its intersection with the educational field by fostering connections between migration scholars working in different world regions.

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