Invitation to Special Issue of CEEMR

In search of meanings and practices of social remittances – new data, approaches and frameworks
Editors: Izabela Grabowska, Warsaw and Michał P. Garapich, London

More than a decade after the pioneering study and conceptualisation of social remittances by Peggy Levitt, the idea has generated a significant amount of empirical research and theoretical reflection. World moves on however, much faster than research can catch up with it and in contemporary conditions of fragmented modernity and multi-layered global interconnectedness there is a pressing need for further clarification and in-depth conceptualisation of the ways and consequences of the flow of ideas, norms and practices in transnational social fields.

Is the relationship between social remittances and development a linear and goal-oriented assumption taken for granted, or it needs to be adapted to a specific context? What about remittances between developed countries? And what about the contradictions between the local and national effects of remittances? And where in that domain human agency exercises moth influence and why? How do we account for lack of social remittances in given situations? Clearly, time is ripe for a fresh perspective on the old question of cultural and social diffusion with an emphasis on contemporary migration dynamics.

We invite scholars from all social science and humanities disciplines for quality articles on the subject, revisiting and testing the established concepts as well as advancing new ones and providing new contexts where social remittances play a role. Interdisciplinary approaches merging sociology, ethnography, anthropology and communication studies are particularly welcome.

Deadline for abstracts submission: April 10th 2015
Deadline for manuscripts submission: July 31st 2015

Abstracts of no more than 500 words should be sent to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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