Conference: Welcoming Refugees – Local European Experiences

24 October 2016

Municipality of Norrköping in partnership with The Municipality of Norrköping, in partnership with REMESO at Linköping University, and the think tank Arena Idé, invite politicians and officials in European municipalities, as well as researchers in the social sciences, to a two-day conference to discuss best practices and innovative solutions for receiving refugees in European cities.

The conference will provide new insights into different aspects of the reception of newly arrived refugees and will also offer opportunities to:

  • Learn about new research in the field and discuss the topics with researchers
  • Participate in workshops to share your own best practice, and learn about how other municipalities take on challenges of receiving new refugees (the need for jobs, housing, education, language skills, etc.)
  • Build networks and find new partners for future projects

Participating researchers will also have the possibility to find interesting cases, partners or topics for further research.

Time: January 25th – January 27th 2017

Language:The conference will be held in English

Venue: Louis de Geer Conference Centre, Norrköping, Sweden

For more information and to register, please go to

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