Call for papers: Migrant and the City

20 December 2016

The Urban Studies and Practices Journal welcomes papers for the Special issue on Migrant and the City.

Cities worldwide are major magnets for migrants. Urban environments shape migrants' experiences in a new locale, whereas migrants contribute to increasing diversity of the city.

Due to its extreme complexity and dynamic nature, the reality under the "migrant and the city" interconnection is rarely considered in theoretical accounts, empirical methodologies, or  practical interventions in its full diversity. This special issue of the JUSP aims to harness the elusive reality of this interconnection by bridging both disciplinary and theory-practice gaps and inviting scholars and practitioners to share their reflections on the topic. In this issue, we are especially interested in creating a multifaceted account of integration (or assimilation, incorporation, acculturation) as one of the ways to talk about this interconnection. We welcome papers that reflect on the following (and related) questions:

1.      How should the connections between migration and the city be accounted for today?  

2.      How do cities change under the influence of migration and vice versa? What are the mechanisms of such transformations?

3.      How is incorporation of migrants influenced by various urban settings? Which urban (social, economic, etc) structures contribute to which modes of migrant incorporation?

4.      How should migrants in the city be studied? What are the methodological challenges involved, and the possible solutions we can strive for?

5.      How and in what directions can/should migrant incorporation be influenced? What measures (policies, city- and neighborhood-level programs, grassroots initiatives) have proven to be (in)effective?

Deadline: January 15, 2017 (Update: extended till January, 31)

Email for article submissions and questions: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For guidelines on article submission, please see:

Journal of Urban Studies and Practices is a bilingual (English and Russian), open access and peer-reviewed journal.

Special Issue editors:

Evgeni Varshaver, Director of the Center for Migration and Ethnicity Research, Senior research fellow at RANEPA, Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Urban Studies and Practices (Moscow, Russia)

Anna Rocheva, Senior fellow of the Center for Migration and Ethnicity Research, Research fellow at RANEPA, Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Urban Studies and Practices (Moscow, Russia)

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