EUROMED Migration IV: i.Map Migration Governance Traineeship

30 November -0001

The Traineeship, addressed to students and young professionals from EU MS and ENI SPCs, aims to strengthen their migration governance expertise with a curriculum designed to balance theory and content, with a more practical understanding of how different actors work together towards migration governance in the Mediterranean.

As an integral part of the i.Map migration portal, the trainees will also contribute the growth and development of the information tool, structured around research, data collection, data visualisation, and media engagement. The Traineeship will operate from ICMPD’s Regional Coordination Office for the Mediterranean in Malta, and will run every 3 months until mid-2019 for a total of 32 trainees. The first Traineeship cycle will start on the 1 May 2017, for a dedicated team of 4 trainees.

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Book Launch: "Migration, Equality & Racism. 44 Opinions"

Event: 21 January, 2021 - Online
A unique project in which more than 80 scientists and co-authors take a stance and propose solutions.

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The Migration Podcast

New episode: African Youth in Waithood

Alcinda Honwana speaks about young Africans' aspirations to become productive and accomplished members of society.

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Seminar: Blue Humanities (Lecture) (RUNOMI)

Event: Tuesday 19 January 2021 - online
On January 19, 2021, dr. Justine Bakker and RUNOMI-member dr. Joris Schapendonk will engage the blue humanities from their respective research foci.

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Guest Lecturer: Public health challenges in Lebanon; a country struggling with refugee crisis, political unrest and total economic collapse (Dr Souha Kanj)

Event: Tuesday 12 January 2021 - online
RUNOMI is pleased to announce that Dr. Souha Kanj, who received the Radboud honorary doctorate in September 2020, accepted our invitation for a guest lecture on refugees’ health in Lebanon.

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Anti-Racism Working Group

ANTI-Racism working group presents a new seminar series: Understanding race, racism and antiracism in migration studies, comparatively across Europe and beyond

15 January, 2021 - Online
On behalf of the anti-racism working group, we like to invite you to join our online seminar series. Following the global mobilization against racism, we have put together a webinar series to reflect on migration histories, race and racism and the...

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