Digital Migration


Migrants are natural adopters of mobile technologies.
Rob Sharp interviews Koen Leurs about his book Digital Migration. They discuss the datafication of migration and that migration researchers need to avoid enabling mechanisms of migration control.

Read about the book here:

Leurs, K. (2023). Digital migration. London: Sage.

The book was written with support of the Netherlands Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS, and the Utrecht University Graduate Gender Programme, the Governing the Digital Society (GDS focus area and the GDS Digital Migration Special Interest Group.

Learn more about Koen here:

Are you interested in other publications relevant to the discussion? Koen recommends these:
Sandberg, M., Rossi, L., Galis, V., & Bak Jørgensen, M. (Eds.) (2022). Research
methodologies and ethical challenges in digital migration studies. Cham, Switzerland: Palgrave Macmillan.

K. Smets, K. Leurs, M. Georgiou, S. Witteborn & R. Gajjala (Eds.), Handbook of media and migration. London: Sage.

M. McAuliffe (Ed.) (2021), Handbook of migration and technology. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.

Also, Koen would like to acknowledge the scholarly communities of IMISCOE, STS Mig@Tec (, and the European Communication Research and Education Association Diaspora, Migration and the Media section (ECREA DMM for their collegiality, encouragement and inspiration

Koen thanks JR for allowing him to include an aerial photograph of their work ‘Migrants. Picnic Across the Border’ (2017) on the cover of the book

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