Submitting a manuscript to the IMISCOE-Springer Series

All manuscripts submitted to IMISCOE for consideration are peer-refereed by at least two independent reviewers.

You are invited to submit your Book Proposal (using this form: IMISCOE book proposal form.) to the IMISCOE Editorial Committee. Your proposal will be evaluated by three EC members and you will get a response within 8 weeks from submission at the latest. At this stage the EC also assesses whether the proposed book fits within the series and if submission of the full manuscript for a formal review would thus be relevant.

If the outcome of the evaluation is positive, you will be invited to submit your full Manuscript which will be reviewed by an EC member and an external reviewer.

If you are submitting for the Short Migration Reader series please use this form. The review procedure is the same except that Short Reader Manuscripts are evaluated by one EC member only at the final stage.

Please submit your book proposal, saved as a word file, by email to Irina Isaakyan, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For more information on publishing with Springer, please visit

Peer review

If approved by the Editorial Committee, a full manuscript will be submitted to a rigorous review procedure. All manuscripts submitted for publication in the IMISCOE Research series, published by Springer, are scrutinised in a formal, international refereeing process designed to ensure that the series continues to represent excellent academic standards and scholarly quality. Peer review involves at least 1 IMISCOE Editorial Committee assessment and 1 in-depth external review by experts in the field of the manuscript, but not affiliated with the author or editors of the proposed manuscript.

Open Access / Non-Open Access

The IMISCOE Research Series includes books in Open Access as well as non-Open Access books. The choice for either or not having a book published in OA is made by the authors. Springer allows IMISCOE to publish an unlimited number of books in non-OA per year. IMISCOE aims to publish around 8 Open Access books per year. For OA books, the publisher requires a fee of 3,000 euros (+21% VAT). For people from IMISCOE member institutes, who are also individual member, IMISCOE provides a subsidy of 50% of this OA fee. This leaves 1,500 euros (+21 VAT) for the authors themselves to pay. In case of multi-author books, at least one of the authors or editors must be employed at an IMISCOE member institute.
The Short Migration Readers Open Access fee is fully covered by the IMISCOE network. 

Open access books will be available free of charge via the IMISCOE and Springer websites ('golden open access'). This enables the widest possible access to your work, and has a proven positive effect on the dissemination of your work and the chance of your work being referred to (Springer Open Access study). With the rise of Horizon 2020 publishing regulations and with the growing importance of citation indexes (such as Google Scholar), we expect OA to become the standard in academic publishing within a decade. In many cases, authors can also rely on an external fund for covering OA fees.

Editing and copy-editing

Neither Springer nor the IMISCOE Network Office provides editing (copy-editing nor language editing) services. This means that the final revision of a manuscript that has already been accepted for publication by the IMISCOE Editorial Committee must ultimately be submitted in a ready-for-production state. Authors are encouraged to find trusted professional editors for any necessary assistance.

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