What is the IMISCOE PhD Academy?

The IMISCOE PhD Academy aims to support the IMISCOE PhD network community and is geared toward providing targeted migration research specific training and networking opportunities for PhD students within the broad field of migration studies. The value-added of the IMISCOE PhD Academy, comes through maximizing the potential of synergies which lie within the IMISCOE network today. This means that the IMISCOE conferences, PhD summer (or winter) schools organised by IMISCOE member institutes, the PhD oriented activities of Standing Committees, and the work of the PhD Network, together contribute toward the Academy’s success, allowing the most interested and engaged PhD students a unique arena to develop, thrive, and be adequately supported in tailored ways. 

The IMISCOE PhD Academy is complementary to the PhD programs and schools which Doctoral candidates are enrolled in at their grant-giving institutions. The IMISCOE PhD Academy fills a gap in PhD training by offering targeted migration research related training and workshops on – among other, publishing, career development, applying for grants, post-PhD-life considerations, and networking. These needs have – time and time again – been identified by the IMISCOE PhD community itself.

In the face of climate consciousness and changed mobility preferences in the post-pandemic world, the IMISCOE PhD Academy will offer most of its activities online, but have one annual face-to-face meeting point among Academy members, in conjunction with the annual IMISCOE summer conference. 

The IMISCOE PhD Academy strives to create an inclusive and diverse arena for PhD students in the broad field of migration studies, who desire to participate in an engaged program of exchange and learning, drawing on the combined strengths of the IMISCOE community. The IMISCOE PhD Academy supports the IMISCOE PhD Network – and works in close collaboration with the PhD Network on a running basis – offering support and a structured program for the most dedicated and engaged PhD students within IMISCOE, to complement and feed into the work which PhD students already are doing for – and by – themselves.

Who can become a member of the IMISCOE PhD Academy?

  • You are a PhD student enrolled in a PhD program doing PhD research in the field of migration.
    • It is a requirement in the online application form that you explain how your PhD project is related to the interdisciplinary field of migration studies. Your PhD project needs not focus on migrants or migration as its only theme, however, you will be asked to identify IMISCOE Standing Committee(s) close to your project and the main criterion of selection for becoming a member of the IMISCOE PhD Academy is that your PhD project falls within the broad scope of IMISCOE research areas (see also the Migration Research Hub).
  • You wish to become active in migration research environments to develop as a researcher.
    • In the online application form, you will be asked to state your motivation for becoming a member, wherein personal motivation is a key criterion. This is because the whole point of the IMISCOE PhD Academy is to help create a more active and vibrant arena for PhD researchers on migration-related themes to participate and interact.
  • You can commit to the expectations of IMISCOE PhD Academy members
    • Please see details below.
  • You can be based at an IMISCOE member institution, or at a non-member institution.
    • PhD candidates based at IMISCOE -member institutions will be given some priority, granted that they meet all other criteria. There will also be reserved places for candidates from nonmember institutions.
  • Your institution can be based in Europe, or anywhere else in the world
  • You are required to become an individual IMISCOE PhD member and pay the relevant fee. For PhD students based in non-OECD countries, a fee-waiver exists. Further information is available on request. Other PhD students (also based within OECD countries for whom the fee is an obstacle to participation are asked to note this on their application form, in order for possible solutions to be identified, if the PhD student is accepted into the IMISCOE PhD Academy).


How to become a member of the IMISCOE PhD Academy?

  • Apply via the online form and by the deadline of that years call (usually in late August)
  • Your membership is confirmed (or not) –usually by end of September
  • Please register with the Migration research hub (if you do not already have a profile there)
  • Your membership lasts till the planned submission date for your PhD (with possibility of extension, if your PhD period is extended)
  • Your membership runs till your complete your PhD, as long as the annual participation requirements are fulfilled (exceptions for sickness, leave etc. are of course possible).
  • Your membership is terminated if you do not fulfil the required participation criteria, or if you discontinue your PhD project.
  • Once you complete your PhD you can apply to receive the IMISCOE PhD Academy certificate – granted that you have fulfilled the requirements (as per below).

What does being a member of the IMISCOE PhD Academy involve?

  • Participating in bi-monthly activities organised by the IMISCOE PhD Academy for members
  • Being a member of and participating in the IMISCOE PhD network and its activities
  • Participating in the IMISCOE PhD Academy annual PhD day (virtual)
  • Presenting your PhD project at an Academy annual PhD day once during membership (virtual)
  • Participating in at least one IMISCOE PhD Academy workshop annually (in person, in conjunction with the summer IMISCOE conference – if financial constraints are a challenge, solutions will be sought found)
  • Participating in IMISCOE PhD network activities at the annual conference
  • Becoming an active member of one of IMISCOE ’s SCs or RIs
  • Presenting a paper at one or more IMISCOE conferences (if financial constraints are a challenge, solutions will be sought found)
  • Participating in one or more mentoring sessions with a senior researcher from an(other) IMISCOE member institution, organised via the IMISCOE PhD Academy

The IMISCOE PhD Academy Certificate 

After meeting all the criteria, participants in the IMISCOE PhD Academy shall receive a certificate of participation, upon completion of their PhDs at their institutions. Meeting the criteria will be monitored on a running basis, by the IMISCOE Network office.